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Outdoor sports

Tea hore trail road and lashi lake tour (1 day)  

9:00AM: head to Lashi Lake
10:00AM: Ride horses on the Tea Horse trail road and see the nature view and Naxi villages
12:00AM: Lunch
1:00PM : Boating on Lashilake
3:00PM: Back at hotel

Price : 258RMB/Per/person (Private tour, Minimin 2pax)
includes : Car, tickets, lunch. (No Tourguide)

FQA: 1. Why does this tour have no Tourguide?
Because this tour is mostly nature views and activities, not necessary for a Tourguide 

2. What's Tea Horse trail raid and Lashi lake? 
Tea horse trail road is a heritage horse road for the tea horse team that man used to go send tea from south Yunnan to Nepal. The view on the way is nice;  via Naxi villages and nature forrests. Lashi lake is a natural wild water grassland. In winter there are alot of migratory birds and the water is clear. Boating on it is quite a leisure.

Biking Tour Toward Snow Mountain(Half Day) 

8:00 AM: Start from Tour Studio  
11:00AM: Start from Tour Studio  During the biking there are alot of beautiful landscapes, we will stop and take photos.12:00AM : Reach to baisha Village and lunch there 
12:00AM : Arrive at Baisha Village and lunch there
12:30AM :Lock The bike then visit Baisha village 

Price : 258RMB/Per/person (Private tour, Minimin 2pax) 
includes : Tourguide, bike, lunch 

FAQ: 1, What's beautiful about this tour? This is one of the most beautiful nature views of Lijiang landscapes. Biking hours total nearly 3 hours. Not so difficult. And it covers alot of beautiful landcapes and local villages .It goes towards the Snow mountain, although it doesn't go inside it, but it goes very close at at the foot of Snow mountain which is very beautiful. 

2, What's baisha village? Naxi people originate from Baisha village, then moved to Lijiang old town. It is a well preserved village which is not so commercialized and there is alot of culture, handcrafts, arts, and local antiqes are found here.

Class tiger leaping gorge tour(2 days )

Day 1 :   7am : Starting from Lijiang, we arrive at a trekking spot of Tiger Leaping Gorge
       .       8:30am: Start trekking for 4 hours, lunch at tea horse guest house.
               2:30pm: Start trekking 2 hours, stay overnight at half way guest house.

day 2:  8:30am : Start trekking 2hours, arrive Tina's house
           11:00am Zhang's house lunch, then Middle Tiger gorge trekking.    
           5:00pm head back to Lijiang 

Price : 898RMB/Per/person (Private tour, Minimin 2pax)
includes : Tourguide, Tickets, Cars, accommodations, 2 lunches and breakfasts. 

1. What's beautiful about tiger leaping gorge?
And what is the Upper Tiger leaping gorge and what is in the middle and bottom part?
Tiger leaping gorge is a big canyon where the Yangtzi River goes through. The Gorge is with 2 high mountains, 1 is the Jade Dragon snow mountain and the other is haba snow mountain which are above 4900meters. So the beauty of it is the huge mountains and big canyons. Trekking is on the Haba snow mountain from which you can see Jade dragon snow mountain and the views on the way which alot of trekkers like. But the most beautiful part is the upper part of the Tiger Leaping gorge. It is where the water becomes narrow and drops quickly. 
It got its name from a time there was a hunter there to hunt a tiger, the tiger escaped away from the upper part, in which it leaped from the stone in the middle of the upper part. 
From the upper part you can drive in, or join in our 1 day tour of Tiger Leaping gorge ( upper part ) The lower part is similar to the middle part, and most trekkers feel satisfied after trekking the middle part.