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Lost Horizon vacations villas & tours

We are a singapore tourism company who  focuses on yunan accomadations&tours .we have a tour studio and villas in lijiang.

Our villa  is located within the first five star resort of lijiang, by shuhe old town, 15 minutes by taxi to lijiang old town, and a walking distance of 10 minutes to snack streets, restaurants and a supermarket. Our resort is like a botanical garden with a peaceful enviroment, jogging and strolling around the park, you can easily see the jade dragon snow mountain. Our villas are designed in the local minority courtyart style . Each villa has an English speaking bulter ,serving welcoming fruits, tea and snacks .I can also arrange cars and tours, and ticket bookings for guests. Most of the tours are operated by ourselves. 
Most of the villas are 4-5bedroom villas. The first floor is a living room with kitcken and courtyards.Guests are welcome to use the kitchen and washing machine, and enjoy a cozy afternoon tea at the courtyard. Villas are also good for small meetings and parties, and various activities with a projector and BBQ equipment.
The Villa rooms are equipped with modern facilities, all wifi covered, the decoration is not luxury but very nice, clean and comfortable , with ethnic handmade embroidery paintings that make it a lijiang feeling. All the rooms have a window with garden and mountain view, a  modern TV, AC, Heater, water pot, humidifier, desk and chair, shower with dryer and western bathroom, and clotheshorse. Some rooms even have french windows with a full garden and mountain views. All rooms have a traditional chinese tea set with nice Yunnan red tea.
We can arrange your activities, tea horse trail road horse rides ,lashilake boating, hiking on the mountains, baisha oldtown visiting ,biking in the day time, at night reading in our books rest area or have a drink in our bar area or courtyard.
We have optional breakfast requested booking in advance. Its local style with milk porriage and fried eggs and vegatable, but otherwise we have very good delivery service with a western menu!